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 City's Strategic Plan Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
In early February of 2014, the Ouray City Council participated in a Council retreat facilitated by Ken Charles of the Department of Local Affairs. The intent of the retreat was to begin developing a Strategic Plan for the City organization. The City Council met to discuss and agree upon goals for the organization and to begin development of objectives to achieve those goals. Over the following months...

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 City Council Vacancy Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
The City of Ouray is asking any qualified citizen that is interested in serving on the City Council to submit a letter of interest to the City outlining why you would like to serve as well as what your qualifications are to serve on the City Council. Any citizen that is interested must meet the qualifications for elected officials as stated in Section 2-1 of the Home Rule Charter.

City Council is requesting that all letters of interest be submitted to City Hall by 4:00 PM on Monday, August 11th. In addition…

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 Water Efficiency Plan Draft – Public Comments Welcome Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
The City of Ouray received a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board to complete a Water Efficiency Plan. The draft Water Efficiency Plan may be viewed here.

The City of Ouray welcomes public comments on the plan. Comments may be submitted to Ann Morgenthaler, Community Development Coordinator, via email at, or may be dropped off at City Hall. Please submit comments by Friday, August 1. City Council will review comments, make any changes, and adopt the Water Efficiency Plan at the August 4 City Council meeting.

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Learn what is happening with your local government by signing up for the City of Ouray Email Newsletter. The newsletter will be distributed once a month and will contain information about City Council decisions, projects happening in the City, and requests for your input. Please click here to sign up for the newsletter.

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